English Education



JC&Partners emphasize 1. Value (Pride, Self Confidence, How to Make Friends, How to Engage in Small Talk; Teamwork); 2. Improving public speaking; 3. Interview Skills; 4. Writing emails; 5. How to Make Presentations; 6. How to Negotiate with Foreigners. 


Customization: Depending on the client's objectives and goals, JC&Partners creates a specific program to improve business English speaking through various fun and challenging exercise. 


Study Sessions: Over a 60 minute intensive one-on-one session, the client will follow a prearranged schedule clearly indicating that lesson's objective, such as important vocabulary, sentence patterns, business phrases, expressions and slangs. 


Coach: Bruce Han has over 30 years of investment banking experience having worked in New York, Hong Kong, and Seoul. He also has his own English language TV program on Hankyung TV called "Global Signs".  He has been teaching English since 1986 starting at Yonsei University's Foreign Language Institute. He works primarily with senior executives at major corporations and also investment managers and accountants. 


For enquiries, please contact Bruce at 010 8720 1289 for an initial consultation.